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Interior Design Objects

By experienced interior architects  counseling in the salon or on site free of charge.

Is it okay if we make it easy for you to get to the kitchen of your dreams?  We make an initial visit to the site, have a consultation and take necessary measurements and make drawings of the new kitchen free of charge - completely worry free. 


Over the years, we have created six distinctive kitchen designs and a range of bespoke custom kitchens. Mostly the kitchen cabinet interiors are made of moisture-resistant melamine and the doors of moisture-resistant MDF. Inspired by the Scandinavian experience, our kitchens are "fused" with the wall and ceiling to avoid dust collection.

However, if your wishes differ from the styles below, we will work together to achieve the desired result.



Handy kitchen with handles.




An aristocratically respectable classic.


Timeless modernism.


Pure minimalism.